Playa Blanca Property

Are you considering moving to Lanzarote?

Playa Blanca is the fastest growing resort in Lanzarote, and the number of properties available is growing every year.

Playa Blanca is the fastest growing resort in Lanzarote

With the town’s infrastructure continuously being improved and added to, and such facilities as a Bus Station, Cash & Carry, large retail outlets, supermarkets, school, the town bus service, as well as having the luxurious Rubicon Marina… Playa Blanca is showing the foresight and sensibility to support its growth with constantly improving services – ensuring a stable, well equipped town for you to call your new home.

Playa Blanca is a little over half an hour’s drive from Arrecife airport, and even the most Northerly point on the Island is less than an hour and a half’s drive away. The many restaurants and bars in Playa Blanca, leisure facilities and much much more, have turned Playa Blanca into a bustling town and a popular place to live. Playa Blanca is often described as having the best weather in Lanzarote too, as the temperatures tend to be a couple of degrees warmer.

The entertainment available in Playa Blanca is broad and varied and the town offers an excellent array of bars, pubs and restaurants to keep you entertained either as an occasional visitor, or indeed as a resident.